Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tempt Me Tuesday

Hi, peeps!

It's that time again! Yeah, baby! Tempt Me Tuesday...rawr!

Wanna participate? Here are the deets:

Authors both published and unpublished can share a bit of their WIP, or feature a snippet or "teaser" from one of their books.
There are no rules as far as how big or little your teaser should be, however, do try to keep them at a reasonable length. People may tune out/lose interest if you post half your book on your blog. Just sayin'.

To participate:

  • Create a new post for your Tempt Me Tuesday entry
  • Post your teaser for the week
Voila! Easy peasy!

This week's teaser is once again taken from book three in my Hanaford Park series, Love In The Time Of Witches. We're back to Traveler's POV. He's warring with himself internally about the Fates admonishment to remain unseen so as to not alter the past. As you can imagine, he's not real happy about it.

Fates,” I muttered under my breath. “Goddamn mythological bitches.” Mere mortal or no, I knew their reasoning, understood why they’d destroy me to keep their law. The past was like a still pond, unmoving, unchanging.  And I…I was a pebble, hurtling toward the glassy surface, hell bent on exacting change, altering the quiet fluidity of the water. From the moment of contact, no matter how small that contact may be, a ripple effect would take over, subtle changes altering the perfection of what once was. In other words, any change, no matter how small, could fuck up the future monumentally. 


Sparklybearsy said...


what a teasing tease, Lisa! heh.

Cate Masters said...

Ha! Loved this! I'm going to hop on the Tempt Me Tuesday train next week.
Love your site design btw!

Lisa said...

Thanks, girls!!

Cate- Thank you! Parajunkee designed this blog. I LOVE it. She's amazing!