Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Author Jessica McQuinn talks writer's block + giveaway

Thank you so much for letting me have some fun on your new blog, Lisa!

I have a question for you all…Is being uninspired the same thing as having writer’s block?

I have a VERY busy life! I’m a mom to two kids who have so many activities I’m not sure where they each have to be on any given day. When I’m not chauffeuring them from one sport to another, I’m dealing with a beast of a dog and a husband (and yes, that adjective can be used for both on some days!). I have a fairly big house that I TRY to keep clean. Oh, yeah, and then there’s the whole author thing!

I’ve found lately that while I have been able to keep up with most things, it’s that last one that seems to fall lowest on my priority list. I don’t plan it that way. It’s just at the end of the day I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and write!

I know I need to make it a priority, and every morning I get up and say, “Today I’m going to write at least 1000 words.” Then the day starts…

Here’s my thing…I know that I could make the time to write if I tried harder – I’m just uninspired right now. 

Now, I have ideas floating around, but that’s all that they are…ideas. I’m having a hard time WANTING to sit down at the computer and put them on “paper.” I have written about 2000 words total on three different stories since the beginning of May. We are pushing August, and that’s all I have to show for my career right now.

I really WANT to be inspired to write! I sit down and open my documents and…NOTHING. I may type twenty or so words, but that’s it.

With Passion Fish, I was motivated by my writing partner, Alison Oburia’s beginning and then we worked together and bounced plot ideas off of each other. It was fun! The further we got into the story, the more twists we found…I was INSPIRED!

Indivisible finally made it to paper (or computer) after having the idea of a Navy SEAL rolling around in my head for a month or so when a friend’s husband deployed for six months. I was INSPIRED!

My new SWAT story was inspired by a picture a friend sent of Kellan Lutz (also inspiration for Gideon in Indivisible I will admit) after a day of training with a Louisiana SWAT team. I mean, really? Kellan all sweaty and testosterone pumped from that kind of training?? Who wouldn’t want that story? So I wrote a short story for Omnific’s Summer Lovin’ Anthology – Heat Wave.

Big Guns actually takes place AFTER the first book, and there are little hints of things in the story that I hope has readers wanting more of Brody Flynn and the boys. BUT that’s where I run into a HUGE road block! I have the whole story plotted out. I just can’t find that spark of inspiration to write it. Even when I head into my nice quiet office and look up at this –

I really do love my new characters, and hope everyone reads all the great stories in the anthologies while supporting Save the Tatas Foundation, including my hunky SWAT boys. And because of that, I want to break through this writing funk and be able to give Brody his day in the spotlight (I mean he’s a big protector sexy man…and deserves my undivided attention!)

So here’s what I would LOVE to know for all of you…how do you get inspired? How do you break through that place where you KNOW what you want to write, but you just can’t make yourself do it? And in appreciation for your help, I have a GIVEAWAY!! I’m giving away a signed copy of Indivisible along with a bit of swag including a beautiful spiral notebook and pen!

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Sandyk199 said...

Oh Jess I feel your pain! I'm working full time, studying part time, painting and trying to finish my next book. Why on earth do we load ourselves up? Oh that's right ... because we have to.

I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't write. Even when I'm not in front on my computer, the stories keep writing in my hindbrain.

Generally what inspires me these days is having a uni assignment due. Some would call it avoidance to give study the flick and start writing instead ... but I call it inspiration! LOL

Jennifer Lane said...

Oo, Sandy--procrastination from your studies as writing inspiration, I like it. I think if you can't find time to write that it's okay to take a break. I sometimes feel this sense of urgency to write the next book and then I'm wondering why. I have a day job and other responsibilities and I want writing to be fun and therapeutic, not rushed or forced. I think it will come when you're ready, Jessica!

Lisa said...

I think Jennifer is right. It comes when you are ready. Book three in my Hanaford Park series took a lot out of me. After I finished I felt drained and needed a break. It's been a couple of months and I'm just now getting back into my groove. Sometimes you just need to take a break, do other things, and when you come back you feel refreshed and ready to roll!

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

OK, now I need to order Heat Wave as well! LOL

For me, the answer is always writing. Free writing, writing about nothing, writing about anything. Just write. And then the stuff comes that's worth keeping... :)

Judy said...

Thank goodness I am not a writer, I would never make it. All that makes me thankful for a full time job:) I know alot of the authors have full time jobs and kids, dogs, and don't forget husbands!! I have always wondered how you all do it!!! Kudos to everyone!!


Mandy said...

I absolutely LOVED Big Guns! Passion Fish and Indivisible have both been on my TBR for far too long! I really need to bump them up a little higher. I'm a sucker for any military or uniformed guy.

Any time I can't get past a certain spot in a story it really helps me to write something else. Even if it's just a little drabble or rambling story. It helps get my juices flowing to focus on a different character/scene/story line. When I'm not pressuring myself and write something just for the heck of it, I seem to open up more.

Nicki Elson said...

Here's what I do---I tell myself I really shouldn't write. Then suddenly, it's all I want to do. :)

inga said...

Can you imagine that it is not only authors who experience the writing block?! Unfortunately that goes also for book bloggers. I have only been blogging for 6 months and sometimes, even if you have a clear picture in your head... it just doesn't come out! Or, sometimes it happens that you are just not inspired enough to finish a book review for example. Luckily it passes. Sometimes you just have to be away from your passion to re-establish it.

inga from http://www.ingasilbergbooks.com/

Robin said...

I am not a writer, just an admirer of those who write!
Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

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