Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Scorcher Blog Tour Week 2 – Beauty with Sarah Grimm

Welcome to Part 3 of Sarah Grimm’s guest blog on the Summer Scorcher Blog Tour – Week 2. Thanks for staying with me!

If this is your first stop, you’ll want to start at Part 1 (Sarah’s blog) and continue to Amie, before returning here:

Part 1 – Sarah’s blog:
Part 2 – Amie’s blog:

How about we heat things up a bit? Here’s the excerpt from my contemporary romance, AFTER MIDNIGHT:

“I’m not the type of woman men fall for.”

“I’ve fallen for you.”

Heat flooded her system. She forced herself to breathe, to keep her eyes locked with his. “No you haven’t. You …”

He pushed off the mantel and stepped in her direction. “I—what?”

“Never mind.”

“Finish the sentence, Isabeau.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then let me.” He closed the distance between them. “You were going to say I haven’t fallen for you, weren’t you? You actually believe him? That you’re nothing more to me than convenient?”

Her pulse throbbed thick and hard. Heat radiated off his body. The scent of him filled her head. She wanted, more than anything, to press herself against him and relive the pleasure of his mouth against hers. Instead, she lifted her chin.


He leaned in close. So close his breath brushed across her lips. “You believe him, but not me?”

“You are here only temporarily.”


“And I am just down the street.”

“I suppose.”

She ran her tongue over her dry lips. “So the whole thing does seem rather—”

“Don’t say it.”


Something dangerous came and went in his eyes. “Now I’m getting angry.”

His hands skimmed down her sides, slipped under her shirt and settled on her lace-covered bottom. Her breath went uneven. Searing need swarmed her.

“You want something to believe, believe this.” He pulled her into the solid ridge of his erection. She lost her concentration. “There is nothing convenient about the way I feel about you.”

It doesn’t appear that Noah sees Izzy the same way she sees herself does it?


Leave a comment on this blog AND the other five blogs on the scorcher Tour to be entered into the drawing this week. One lucky winner will receive a PDF copy of AFTER MIDNIGHT and be forwarded into the final drawing at the end of the tour for a $30 gift certificate.

To continue to Part 4 (and continue with the excerpt) – Visit AJ Nuest’s Blog

Can music heal a fractured soul?

September 30, 2011
The Wild Rose Press


Krystal said...

I loved the excerpt, sounds like a really great read. Thank you for the chance to win! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

Sarah Grimm said...

Glad you liked it! Thanks for following along with me today!

Linda Bolton said...

Looks like Noah has the HOTS for Izzy! Can't wait to read it!

Mara said...

It sure doesn't! As they ' or as they say "feeling is believing" or is that supposed to say "seeing?" Ach, I can never get it straight!
marajbrandon AT gmail DOT com

Sarah Grimm said...


Noah definitely feels very strongly for Izzy. :) Thanks for dropping by!

Sarah Grimm said...


They say seeing is believing - but I like yours better! ;-)

EdgesAngel23 said...

Oh Noah DEFINITELY sees Izzy in a different way that she sees herself! That was a really hot excerpt and makes me want to read the book even more!!
Ashley A

Sarah Grimm said...


Thanks! And he definitely does, doesn't he? :)

Anonymous said...





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