Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meet an author Monday

Happy Monday, peeps!

So, before we get to the hop, I wanted to talk about perseverance. It's something we all struggle with from time to time, but something, I believe, that's necessary to make it in the publishing business (or in any aspect of life.)

For those of you who aren't familiar with my personal life, I'm a mom to three daughters. All three girls participate in the sport of cheerleading. My middle daughter, Taryn moved up a level this year and is competing on a level four team. In All Star cheerleading the levels range from 1-5, level 5 being the most difficult.

Level four tumbling requires you to be able to perform a running layout, standing two back-handsprings to a layout and a standing tuck. Taryn mastered her running tumbling early on, as well as her standing two to a layout. She's been struggling to master her standing tuck. It's an aggressive skill that requires a great deal of lower body strength, as well as good mind/body control. Taryn has plenty of the latter, but is one of the least aggressive people I know, lol. She's very graceful and extremely laid back, which has made attaining this important skill very difficult for her.

But, despite her difficulties, despite five months of weekly frustration, muscle soreness and heartache as she watched her teammates attain the skill she was working so hard for, she never gave up. She cried, she got angry at times, and sometimes she felt like giving up, but she persevered. She kept pushing forward despite several hundred failed attempts, refusing to take "no" for an answer.

Five months of grueling work and determination resulted in this glorious moment this past Thursday:

As authors, we have to have the same perseverance, the same drive to push forward, to take the rejections we see and use them as motivation to improve, to do better. Don't ever give up. Don't cast aside your dreams when things get hard. Cry. Get angry. Acknowledge your emotions and then move forward toward your goal. You can't experience the joy of succeeding if you drop out of the race.

On to the hop!

Authors!  Have a book out?  Are you under contract for publication?  Make sure you join in the hop. This is a great way to network your blog and let readers know who you are!

Here's how it works:


  • Follow as many authors as you like. Just follow the Linky list and hop from author to author. The idea is to find as many "new to you" authors as you can, and hopefully some great new reading material as well.  Leave a comment as you hop from blog to blog!  We'd love to chat with you!


  • Follow the Meet an author Monday host (Lisa Sanchez Romance Author) along with any of the wonderfully talented authors on the list.
  • You will need to enter your name and blog url into the Linky tool.
  • Grab our super cute button and place it in a post. (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) If you don't create a post for the hop, your readers won't have a place to comment, and the hop will stop with you. So create a post, paste in the Linky code and start hopping!
  • The purpose of the hop is to meet "new to you" authors and discover great new reads. Follow as many authors as you can. Leave a comment and introduce yourself!
  • If you'd like to share the Linky list in a post on your blog ( Please do!) just follow the link and grab the code.
Authors! The more you promote this hop, the more successful it will be. Tweet about it. Post a link on Facebook. Talk about it on your blogs. Let's get the word out!


Jennifer Lane said...

I LOVE this post, Lisa! It wasn't about Taryn learning how to do a standing tuck--it was about Taryn learning how to do life. Her perseverance will serve her well.

Have you heard of the "Signature Strengths Test"? It's an online questionnaire that shows you your top character strengths. One of mine was perseverance and I thought you and your daughters might enjoy taking the questionnaire (they have a version for kids too). It's at You have to register for the site but it's free.

Congrats to Tay!

Lisa Sanchez said...

Thanks, Jenn! You're right! Taryn learned a huge life lesson during her quest to attain her tuck. Not everything comes easy. Sometimes you have to fail, pick yourself up and push forward, and in doing so, it makes the end result that much sweeter. Thanks for the link! I'll definitely check it out with the girls :)

Alitriona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CarolOates said...

Well done Taryn! A very insightful post ans something we all need to remember from time to time. Life doesn't come easy and dreams aren't handed to us on a plate. Sometimes we have to reach out and grab them when we can and when we can't, keep reaching.

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