Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quinn's Top 10 Halloween Flicks and a sale!

Happy Saturday, peeps! And, more importantly, happy October 1st! I've got some great news to share with you all.

Eve Of Samhain is on sale! That's right, my friends. You can purchase Ryann and Quinn's story at a temporarily reduced price of 99 cents!

Quinn is incredibly hot, easy on the eyes, and now he's cheap too. Place all three of those things together and you've got yourself the makings of a fun weekend that will surely send your girlie bits a tinglin'!

To kick off the special Halloween price, I give you: Quinn's Top 10 Halloween movie picks
  • Halloween (Ryann hates this one. She drapes her wee arms about me and buries her face in the crook of my neck. It's one of the reasons I insist we watch it every Halloween.)
  • The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (Great cinematography. Tim Burton is a bloody genius.)
  • Poltergeist 
  • Nightmare On Elm Street
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula ( I think Ryann has a wee crush on Gary Oldman though she refuses to admit to it.)
  • Scream
  • Stephen King's IT
  • Nightmare Before Christmas (Again, with the praise for Tim Burton. Ryann likes this one too)
  • Signs ( Personally, I don't find this particular movie frightening, and that Mel Gibson character is a complete pile o' shite in my opinion. Ryann, though... She squirms and wiggles in her seat through the entire film. I enjoy watching her wiggle, so that's why this flick made the list.
  • It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (This one is Ryann's favorite, and I don't want to hear one bloody fucking comment otherwise.)

You can find Eve Of Samhain at its reduced price at the following places:

Omnific Publishing 
Coffee Time Romance
All Romance Ebooks