Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big news!


I've got big news! News I've wanted to share with you for so long.

Drumroll please...
Faythe Reclaimed, book three in my Hanaford Park series will be releasing this Spring with Tulipe Noire Press!

Woot! Woot! Woot!

2012 has been a big year for me so far. A year of transition, of stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself with new ventures. I'd already mentioned in a previous post that I parted ways with my agent and am venturing into the world of self-publishing. What I didn't mention, and am excited to share with you now is that Taylor and Gabriel's book will be released with a new publisher, Tulipe Noire Press.

I will always be forever grateful to Omnific Publishing for taking a chance on me and giving me my start in the publishing world, but I am equally excited about what lies ahead. So many new opportunities!

How about a teaser to celebrate the big news? Yeah, baby!

The Traveler
Dark, viscous liquid pooled onto the rotting floorboards below her body, the blackened puddle oddly reminiscent of a Rorschach inkblot.
Suppressed memories and emotions I’d believed long dead amassed from deep within, slamming me with a powerful crescendo of…Madre de Dios…feeling. Something I hadn’t experienced since the moment I’d lost my other half.
Nausea and desperation mimicked acid, burning a hole through my gut and my chest as I allowed my gaze to wander north. I knew what I’d find, and…fuck it all to hell…it scared me to death.
Taylor. The exotic beauty who’d breezed into my life just days before. The angel who’d awoken me from the state of numbness I’d resided in for three centuries. The woman who was an exact match in every way to my long deceased Faythe, hanged upside down and unconscious in front of me.



My heartbeat… It echoed in my ears like a muted drumbeat. The rapid tympani so synonymous with anger and rage oddly diminished and muffled as though I were listening to it from deep within the bowels of the ocean.
How? How had I allowed my enemy to capture the beautiful creature who’d breathed life into my pathetic existence?
I thrashed against the magical bonds holding me captive, every fiber of my being filled with panic, desperation—and rage. Supernatural throwdowns were a normal part of my everyday life. A warlock, an exiled member of one of Europe’s most powerful covens, I’d been bred to do battle, to fight the dregs of the underworld—with magic.
Magic. It had been my saving grace, time and again. It was also the bane of my fucking existence…much like time. I hated my magic, almost as much as I hated myself. Witchcraft, limitless power…both proved worthless when they didn’t allow you to save the one you loved. My magic hadn’t kept Faythe’s neck out of the hangman’s noose.
My stomach seized as I took in the large gash at the back of Taylor’s head. My magic hadn’t kept her safe either.

Stay tuned for more excerpts and a cover reveal! Woot!


Shirley Wells said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats on the new publisher.

Loved the teaser.

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